Russell Parenti

The “Russell” of Marc Russell, brings his own perspective as co-owner and designer. “Listening to the client is the key to success for my designs,” says Parenti. From his years in New York to his work with Amtrak, Russ has found his inspiration all around the United States. His first furniture store was with his sister selling antique furniture in Monrovia, California.
Today, that experience helps Russ focus on the goals of the client. The key is listening to the client. Listening allows him to create a design that matches the vision. That vision can be for the clients’ entire home, a single room or business environment.
“I love the unique quality of every client,” says Russ. Uniqueness inspires the space which can be Contemporary, Spanish, Tuscan or any styles. Creating a livable space that is unique to the client is the key to success with the Marc Russell team. With over 10 years of success as an interior designer, Russ has connected with clients by listening and delivering with premiere customer satisfaction.