Woolff Gallery

Gallery Booth Number 102 & 104. PSFAF 2013.

Phone (+44) (0) 207 631 0551

Zac Freeman, Steve
Zac Freeman, Steve, 2012, Found object assemblage, 31 x 24 inches

89 Charlotte Street
London W1T 4PU
United Kingdom

Gallery Staff:
Nick Woolff
Susila Bailey-Bond
Jessica Lucas

Gallery Description:
The Woolff Gallery was opened in 2001 by ambitious owner Nick Woolff.
We are now based in Central London and have an impressive space spread over two floors.
The Woolff Gallery focuses on contemporary art. Many of our artists work in a completely unique style or use unconventional materials. Above all else our artists have an incredible level of technical ability and ‘patience’.
The Woolff group of artists are a cohesive set, each complimenting one-another’s distinctive style.

Artists Represented:
Zac Freeman, Russell West, Valeria Nascimento, Clay Sinclair, Marcus Egli, Susila Bailey-Bond, Joanne Tinker, Annemarie Wright, Oona Hassim, Keith Haynes.