2019 Gallery Survey Results

Would you like to see Art Palm Springs keep its dates?
Majority of the galleries surveyed requested to keep the same date rather than move to March.

  • Our team thinks it is best to keep the same dates for the fair as well. We understand that this year held a lot of uncertainty with it also being the inaugural edition of Frieze LA. We were very pleased to see an increase in attendance by 25% given the uneasiness going into to the fair and with the less than desirable weather we experienced. Frieze has not announced their dates as of yet; however, we believe there will be an announcement closer to the NYC May fair. The long weekend, coinciding with Modernism Week and Desert X also is seen as a benefit for attendees traveling out to the desert.



Overall Sales at Art Palm Springs

  • 66% of the galleries listed their sales as “good” and additional feedback provided that they felt good contacts were made at the fair.

Gallery Comments:

More social media interaction with booths throughout each day of the fair would be appreciated (Instagram posts and stories tagging galleries and artists)

  • Our team understands social media is a big part of driving a targeted audience to your gallery. We are constantly trying to find ways to make our social media pages more engaging while also promoting the galleries, artists, and artwork at the fair. We are happy to spend more time doing posts interacting with the galleries on site. Please feel free to take a look at some of our permanent stories via our Instagram page from this past fair. We also utilize Twitter, and Facebook.


I heard a few people complain about the food handed out - both the amount (too little) as well as the flavor of some items. Convention center venue does work against us, I think. Despite the weather, I still think it was a quality show that's well managed.

  • The food we distribute at the fair is required to be provided by the Convention Center. We too agree the food handed out Opening Night and Friday evening was not to our expectations, as far as options and amount distributed, and are working with the Convention Center to rectify this issue for 2020.

Attendee/Contact lists would be helpful, without having to pay a third-party to receive the contact list.

  • We do not sell or give away our lists to galleries or 3rd party vendors. This is a company wide policy across all of our events at Urban Expositions to not distribute proprietary customer information. If you have a 3rd party organization reaching out to you claiming to sell our list of attendees, please ignore the emails as it is a fraudulent offer. If you have additional questions or concerns on this policy, please email us at info@art-palmsprings.com

Better collaboration with PS Art Museum - maybe free entry to all members.

  • The Palm Spring Art Museum is our Opening Night beneficiary.  We work all year long with the museum on incorporating their staff and members into the events surrounding Art Palm Springs.  All museum members received complimentary VIP passes to the fair. Also, their curatorial staff makes up the committee that decides the best booth award every year.   

Signage in and around the convention center, as well as the few street banners was very underwhelming.

  • We have worked with Parks and Rec of Palm Springs to organize advertising throughout the town year over year. They limit advertising to only specific areas like Palm Canyon drive, where we installed over 60 Art Palm Springs banners, and one street banner hanging over the road for cars to pass under. We would love to do additional if they permitted it. The convention center had a rotating digital banner for us and Modernism at their entrance, and our team installed 6 standing flags around our entrance and on the street where the east lawn is located to help direct fairgoers.

2019 VIP Survey Results

Where are VIPs from?

  • New York

  • Kentucky

  • Michigan

  • Minnesota

  • Montana

  • Illinois

  • Kansas

  • Texas

  • Colorado

  • Arizona

  • New Mexico

  • Nevada

  • California

  • Washington

  • Massachusetts

  • Rhode Island


What best describes our VIPs?

  • 15% Artist

  • 60.5% Collector

  • 2.4% Curator

  • 6.5% Designer

  • 15.6% Other (VIPs listed they were: Art enthusiast, Art lover, Arts programmer, Buyer and admirer, Coordinator CSUSB Glass Club Special Interest Group, Fashion Designer, Former art museum director/art patron, Glass Club Member CASUSB, Host Committee, Interested patron, Museum Member, On various Museum Boards and have curated exhibitions, Photographer, Retired interior designer, supporter, visual consultant for film and collector)

  • 60% of VIPs belong to a museum or collector group

Did you feel it was easier to access the fair this year since the entrance was moved to N Avenida Caballeros?

  • 80% said yes

  • 20% said no

VIP Comments on New Entrance:

“New entrance is GREAT!”

“Loved the additional entrance”

“For the Opening Night VIP Party, the entrance was moved to accommodate the rain, I believe, and that was very nice.”

“It was easier not having to walk the length of the building to get in the door.”

VIP Comments on Tours and Events:

“VIP Tour of Palm Springs Art Museum was terrific!”

“Would like to see more working artists giving talks”

“Panel discussions were very informative”


How did you receive your VIP pass?

  • 25% Gallery

  • 11% Institution or business

  • 22% Museum

  • 20% Other

  • 22% Purchased online