2019 Talk & Events


THURSDAY, February 14


Opening Night Preview 5 – 9 pm  

A benefit for the Palm Springs Art Museum
(VIP Card or VIP ticket holders only)
Limited number of tickets available 


Art Palm Springs 2019 Arts Patron of the Year Award Presentation
6pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

Art Palm Springs will present award to the 2019 Arts Patron of the Year, Marilyn Pearl Loesberg. Introduction by Steve Maloney, Chairman, Palm Springs Art Museum. 

FRIDAY, February 15


Beatrice Wood: The Art of a Life
1pm-2pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

Beatrice Wood was an artist, craftsperson, and writer, who has become a style icon and inspiration for a new generation of creators. The spirit of Dadaism, combined with an embrace of esoteric spirituality, forms the basis of her work. In this presentation, Kevin Wallace, Director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, shares Wood’s journey through 20th century movements that shaped Modernism and contemporary art. Presented by Beatrice Wood Center 


To My Sweetheart: Reading and Book Signing with Louis XXX
5pm- 7pm | Ren Gallery, Booth 415

Literally speaking, there is nothing more romantic than the musings of Louis XXX. Please join us at Art Palm Springs where painter & poet Louis XXX will be autographing copies of “To My Sweetheart,” a compilation of his four books of poetry. Louis’s short sweet sentiments will leave your heart feeling lifted and inspired. These sentiments are connected to his brush, springing up as the foundation of each of his paintings. As a special guest, acclaimed artist Gregory Siff will be reading from Louis’s book at the Ren Gallery booth where recent work from the frequent collaborators will also be on display. Reading at 6 pm, Book Signing from 5-7 pm. Presented by Ren Gallery


Meet and Greet Booth Event
5pm-7pm | Jorge Mendez Gallery/Friends of Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Booth 113

Meet and greet benefiting the Friends of Palm Springs Animal ShelterPresented by Jorge Mendez Galler/Friends of Palm Springs Animal Shelter

SATURDAY, February 16


Print Signing with Danny Heller
12pm-1pm | George Billis Gallery, Booth 502

Join artist Danny Heller as he presents his latest print: “Racquet Club Estates Lounging.” Based on his photo-realistic paintings of iconic Modern architecture, the print is a stunning representation of Heller’s work and a great example of why this style continues to inspire artists and designers alike.  This informal discuss and print signing will give collectors a chance to learn about Heller’s career from his early days in the Los Angeles art scene to exhibiting world-wide and how midcentury design has been integral to his success. Presented by George Billis Gallery


Agnes Pelton, Cathedral City Mother of Desert Modernists
12pm-1pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

American Modernist painter, Agnes Lawrence Pelton, moved to the Coachella Valley In 1932 and built her now historic home in the Cathedral City Cove, the neighboring hills of Palm Springs. For three decades it was the center of a small colony of established artists including writers, composers, dancers and painters, who came to create, teach, and exhibit their works. After the 60’s, that history was virtually forgotten. Artists Peter Palladino & Simeon Den, purchased her property ten years ago and have made it their life mission to support & celebrate her legacy. Their presentation will serve to introduce Pelton and her work in broad strokes and open a dialogue with with a Q&A. Presented by Agnes Pelton Society


The Converging of Architecture and Art
1pm-2pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

The Converging of Architecture and Art: Architecture as an extension of art and how the two do not live independently but are best married together. Panel includes Jaime RummerfieldRon Woodson, Steve Kadlec, and Jim Magni.


Intersection: Art & Life
2pm-3pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

In his new book, “Intersection: Art & Life,” art advocate Kevin Wallace, Director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, shares how and why we thrive when we connect art and life, with first-person insights from 150 contemporary artists. In this presentation, Wallace shares a historical perspective on the role of the arts, from indigenous cultures to the great civilizations, and how various art movements have led to today’s art world. In doing so, he seeks to demystify the realm of the arts, and assist individuals in living life as an art. Presented by Beatrice Wood Center


Booth Talk with Claude Roegiers
3pm-4pm | Boulderton Contemporary, Booth 311

Claude Roegiers will explain the approach and the technique of his “Image paintings.” The gallery will also present 3 of his pieces of different series which will make the presentation more interesting and engaging. Presented by Boulderton Contemporary

SUNDAY, February 17


Booth Talk Discussing Anthony James
12pm-1pm | Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Booth 100

Join Alec Longmuir, Director of Melissa Morgan Fine Art, as he discusses the ideas and inspirations behind the work of artist Anthony James.


Art Palm Springs 2019 Artist of the Year Award Presentation
1pm-2pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

Art Palm Springs will present award to the 2019 Artist of the Year, Joe Goode (Peter Blake Gallery)


Joe Goode’s Impact on the California Art Scene
3pm-4pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

Peter Frank will moderate a discussion on Artist of the Year, Joe Goode’s, impact on the California Art Scene. Presented by Peter Blake Gallery


50 Years of Bernie Taupin and Elton John
4pm-5pm | Collectors Lounge/Theatre

Dana Yarger discusses Bernie Taupin, and reflects on the artists 50 years of creativity, passion, and friendship with Elton John. Presented by karyn mannix contemporary

MONDAY, February 18 


A Conversation with Kat Green and John Luckett
12:30pm-1:30pm | Barba Contemporary Art, Booth 219

Kat Green and John Luckett will be discussing the process of creating their work. Both artists utilize abstract expressionist techniques and methods to create works that are bold and rich in emotion and story. They will discuss their daily artist’s practice and how their works evolve. Presented by Barba Contemporary Art