Homeira & Arnold Goldstein

An artist in nature and vision, a multi-talented force dedicated to creativity and arts, and an avid contemporary art collector, Homeira Goldstein has channeled her creative ideas on various forms of artistic expressions. She has built an unrivaled reputation championing emerging and mid-career artists promoting art and culture in South Bay and Greater Los Angeles, and has been instrumental in creating opportunities for artists to reach public audiences through traditional and innovative venues

It is no wonder that with such a breadth of interests, Homeira is a consummate world traveler visiting in.ternational contemporary art fairs, artists’ studios, museums and private collections.  In various capacities as President, Chairperson, and Board Member, Homeira has brought her tireless energy and commitment to her corporation and some L.A.’s most prestigious cultural institutions including USC Roski School of Art and Design, TIME4ART, Fellows of Contemporary Art, the Rand Corporation Politics Aside, LACMA, OTIS College of Art and Design, Getty Visual Arts Educational Program, and Los Angeles Arts Council.

As Chairman of the Board of TIME4ART, she has envisioned 26 art exhibitions, and while serving on the Ad-hoc committee, Homeira was instrumental in bringing Manhattan Beach Art Center it into its present incarnation.

Homeira started her business career with the Big 8, served as a corporate executive before forming her financial consulting firm which she ran for eight years.  With her son being her inspiration, she has practiced living artfully both through her own creativity, and supporting the arts and practicing artists around the globe.

A descendent of the Royal Family of Qajar in Middle East, a USC graduate with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Business, Homeira and her husband, Arnold Goldstein, Founder of Shorewood Realtors live in Manhattan Beach.