Jordan D. Schnitzer

Native Oregonian, Jordan Schnitzer, was fortunate to grow up in a home surrounded by art. His mother, Arlene, operated a local contemporary Northwest art gallery, The Fountain Gallery of Art, for twenty-five years. Jordan purchased his first work of art when he was fourteen years old and that initial purchase has led to a life-long pursuit of not only appreciating art, but also building a collection, which now consists of over 12,000 prints, paintings, and sculptures.

His initial collection was artists of the Northwest and Jordan always preaches the importance of supporting local artists, but in the late 1980’s, Jordan began to buy prints and multiples of the most important American artists of our time. That collection now consists of over 12,000 prints, paintings, and sculptures.

With this collection Jordan has developed an outreach program, the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, where he and his staff have facilitated over 100 exhibitions at 80 museums. In addition to organizing and loaning the works to many universities and regional and national museums, Jordan often provides funding for educational programs to help underwrite artist visitations, hands-on workshops and fund transportation for grade school and high school students and their families so they too can visit the exhibitions.

The Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation has also published the Catalogue Raisonne of Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, John Baldessari as well as published books on Andy Warhol, John Buck and Mel Bochner.

One of the largest holdings in Jordan’s print collection is work by Andy Warhol. While Jordan’s collection of Andy Warhol’s work has been in approximately 30, in 2016, the Portland Art Museum opened one of the largest Warhol exhibitions ever, consisting of 265 works, which was visited by over 103,000 people including 20,000 children! Every docent slot was full. In 2017, this exhibition traveled to the High Museum, in Atlanta, where over 130,000 people saw the exhibition. We are now very excited that this major Warhol exhibition is opening at the Palm Springs Art Museum, on March 3, 2018.

Jordan was an early supporter of the Palm Springs Art Fair and is thrilled to see the fair grow in stature and the number of galleries presenting their works.